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Chris has been a skincare specialist for 25 years. She has worked as a freelance makeup artist in Toronto, San Francisco and Hollywood. She opened her first clinical skincare studio in Beverly Hills where she built long list of loyal clients.


While in Beverly Hills Chris fell in love with a style of Pilates taught by Sebastian Legree and soon realized that she wanted to bring her new found love back to her home town on Alameda in Northern Ca. By 2008 she opened Be Well Pilates.


By 2017 Chris combined her love and skincare and Face + Body Studio was born. Chris believes in developing strong relationships with her longtime loyal clients and strive to keep her Pilates classes and skincare services fresh and cutting edge.

Camilles love for Esthetics began at a very early age while playing with her mother's makeup and skincare products. As a teen and and early adult, Camille was plagued by cystic acne which further fueled her curiosity and desire to want to clear up her own skin. She went to dermatologists only to be put on antibiotics and drying skin clearing gels.


After receiving only temporary relief, Camille sought other treatment and began seeing an esthetician who educated her on how to better the appearance of her skin, inside and out.


After clearing her own skin, she decided that she wanted to share her personal experience and knowledge about skincare and began training to become and Esthetician. Camille received her esthetician's license in August 2015.


Camille really enjoys helping her clients see and create change. She specializes in skin clearing extractions, Microcurrent, the lunchtime facelift and Microdermabrasion, great for acneic scarring and hyperpigmentation.

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